AdVance Dental Payment Options

Dental Payment Options

AdVance Dental Benefits Plan

No Dental Insurance? No problem!


Adults: $249/year    -    Couple: $449/year

Child: $159/year   –   Additional Child: $100/year

What is included in the plan?

2 regular dental checkups, including:

Exam - Any needed X-Rays – Dental Cleaning – Oral Cancer Screening – Oral Hygiene Instructions – TMJ (Jaw joint) Screening – Periodontal (Gums) Evaluation

Unlimited Emergency Visits:

Problem Focused Exams and X-Rays

25% Off Our Usual and Customary Fee for all dental services.

This eliminates many of the common issues with dental insurance plans:

No Deductibles

No Waiting Periods

No Preexisting Conditions

No Age Limitations

No Annual Maximum