Periodontal Therapy

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The health of your gums and bone that support your teeth is just as important as keeping your teeth healthy themselves – just like the foundation of your house needs to be solid to support your home. Periodontal disease (the inflammation of the gums and bone around your teeth) is very common and, although it usually is not painful, can cause tooth loss. We screen all patients for periodontal disease and, if found, we offer first line treatment for periodontal disease– scaling and root planing. This is a deep, specialized cleaning of the root surfaces under the gums in an attempt to restore your gums to health. This is more time consuming than a regular cleaning and, while some insurances do not cover it, could be the difference between arresting periodontal disease and letting it smolder until your teeth’s foundation is gone. We are committed to keeping all patients informed about their periodontal health, and if you require advanced periodontal care, we can refer you to a periodontist to help us get your gum disease under control.

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