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Digital X-Rays

Less radiation than film x-rays

Oral Sedation

A safe solution for dental anxiety

Teeth Whitening

Brighten your smile the safe way

About Us

Meet Dr. Vance

Our goal is to provide personalized, quality dental care to our patients at an affordable price and in a timely manner.

We strive for excellence to ensure we create a consistent and comfortable patient experience every time.

Utilizing modern technology and patient education tools, we help patients improve their oral and overall health.

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Our Advantages

Accepting Most
Dental Insurance

We are in-network providers for many dental insurance carriers and will file claims on your behalf.

Using Innovative

Our practice strives to provide dental care in the best way possible, using high quality materials and modern techniques.

Wide Range
of Services

Cosmetic, preventive, and emergency dental services from veneers to dentures and more.

Comfort & Modern

Complimentary covered parking, massaging chairs, nitrous oxide and the option of sedation for patients with dental anxiety.

Success Stories

Broken teeth fixed with crowns (before)
Broken teeth fixed with crowns (after)
Crowning two broken front teeth — Sara H

An unfortunate fall broke Sara H's arm and two front teeth. You'd never think it happened after our work together!

Treatment stages:

  • Immediately fitted temporary fillings to address structural instability
  • Collaborated with master crown-maker - the end result is truly seamless
Teeth enhanced with fillings and crowns (before)
Teeth fixed with fillings and crowns (after)
Fillings & Crowns — Aesthetic Re-haul

Sometimes a combination of techniques are required to help make you more confident and comfortable with your smile.

Treatment stages:

  • Cavities on and between teeth are treated with fillings that look wonderfully real.
  • Teeth with serious and or structural issues are crowned. Together the smile is healthy and complete.
New bridge (before)
New bridge (after)
Chipped teeth, spacing and coloration — Bridges

Bridges are connective reconstructive teeth that can correct multiple issues in multiple teeth.

Treatment stages:

  • Chipped teeth and un-even spacing between teeth are corrected.
  • Discoloration and "black lines" around old bridges or crowns are also fixed.

In-Office Benefits Plan

The AdVance Dental benefits plan is designed to provide access to quality dental care at an affordable cost to patients in and around Birmingham, AL who do not have dental insurance. This plan removes the hassle of deductions, waiting periods, claim forms, pre-existing conditions, pre-determinations, age limitations, and annual maximums that many dental insurances include. You don’t have to have dental insurance to go to the dentist!

Plan Details

Single Adult






Additional Child


Membership in the AdVance Dental Benefits Plan is available to all patients. After payment of an annual fee, members will receive the following:

2 Regular Dental Check-Ups, Including:

Complete Oral Examination

Digital X-Rays (as needed)

Dental Cleaning

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Hygiene Instruction

TMJ (Jaw joint) Screening

Preiodontal (Gums) Evalutation

Unlimited Emergency Visits:

Problem Focused Exams

X-Rays (if necessary)

25% Discount Off Our Usual and Customary Fee:

A treatment plan will be provided in writing for all recommended procedures displaying the regular fee and the discounted rate

No Deductibles

No hidden costs. You just pay an annual fee, and any respective fees for certain services (see plan details). That’s it!

No Waiting Periods

No minimum time must pass before getting access to all our dental services.

No Claim Forms

No redundant filing processes.

No Preexisting Conditions

You won’t be rejected from the Advance Dental Benefits Plan for any dental issues or conditions that you already have. Period.

No Pre-Determinations

With dental insurance plans there is often a waiting period before you get access to higher end dental procedures – and even then you’re not guaranteed to receive coverage. You will never encounter this with the Advance Dental Benefits Plan.

No Age Limitations

You can’t be too old or too young for our Benefits Plan!

No Annual Maximum

You won’t be limited to a total $ amount of work per year – like you are on most dental insurance plans.

† = Coverage is in effect for one year from the date of payment. Coverage begins when membership has been paid in full. Appointment times are limited, and it is the responsibility of the member to schedule appropriate visits.

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