Teeth Whitening

Having sufficiently light-colored teeth gives you the confidence to smile proudly. Each person’s tooth shade (and where they would like it to be) is different for everyone.

Teeth whitening uses various types of peroxide gels to attempt to pull stains out of your teeth.

If you find yourself hesitating to smile because you are unhappy with the color of your teeth, talk to us about whitening services. Extreme changes in tooth color may require other measures, but whitening can be very effective in brightening your smile.

The most common complication after teeth whitening is sensitivity to hot/cold. This generally goes away after whitening is completed, but this may take days/weeks to gradually happen, and in some rare cases it can take longer. Brushing with a sensitivity toothpaste containing potassium nitrate is advised for 2 weeks prior to beginning whitening to minimize sensitivity. If sensitivity persists after whitening, sensitivity toothpaste and/or prescription fluoride pastes may be prescribed to help with sensitivity. The gums can also be irritated by the peroxide, leaving them white-colored and sensitive for a few days. However, the gums generally heal very quickly and this should go away within a few days after the whitening procedure. At AdVance Dental we generally place a barrier over the gums to protect them from irritation from whitening products, however some slight gum irritation may still occur.

Everyone’s teeth are a little different, and because of this the results of whitening varies. In some cases a person is able to achieve fairly dramatic lightening of their teeth, in other cases the results are not as noticeable. There are several different types of whitening services, from prescription whitening strips (some placed at home, some placed in the office under supervision), some whitening gels are placed in the office, and some gels are placed at home in custom made whitening made to fit only your teeth. In order to achieve the level of brightness you wish, it may be necessary to do a combination of the previously described services to reach your goal. As with any service provided at AdVance Dental, we will do everything we can to craft a personalized plan for you.

Sometimes whitening cannot get you to where you want to go by itself. And each case is different. In some situations (deep/dark staining in the teeth, white spots, etc) a combination of services may be needed to help achieve your goals. These may include veneers, crowns/bridges, white spot therapy, whitening, or more. Each journey, no matter how long, begins with the first step – which is an evaluation. At AdVance Dental we are passionate about thorough patient education and personalized care that will fit your needs if you come see us.

Pricing Information*
Service UCR Fee In Office Benefits Plan fee (25% off)
In office whitening $200 $150
Custom whitening trays $300 $225

* Fees shown here are for whitening services only and do not include x-rays, exams, or any treatment that may be required before whitening is performed (examples: cleaning, fillings to treat active cavities, etc). Firm treatment estimates can only be done after an in-office evaluation.

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