Dental Implants

If you have lost a tooth/teeth, implants are a predictable, great service.

In many cases implants are the closest thing to having your natural teeth back.

Implants are biocompatible (friendly to the body) screws that are placed in the jaw bone to simulate the roots of a tooth/teeth. They can help support crowns, denture, partials, and more in place to restore function and beauty to your smile.

There several questions that have to be answered before someone can receive implants.

1. Are there any decay or gum health issues around the lost tooth?

Implants cannot get cavities like teeth, but they can get gum infections like teeth, so it’s very important that any active oral disease (cavities and gum disease) is treated before an implant is placed to minimize the chance of infection.

2. How much bone mass remains where the tooth is missing?

Also, enough bone has to be present to place the implant where a tooth used to be (think of it as “is there enough wood to place this screw?”). This can be figured out through x-rays and other imaging techniques.

What other health concerns affect my eligibility?

Smoking significantly affects the gums and the long term survival rate of implants. People taking osteoporosis drugs (e.g. bisphosphonates) may not be able to have implants due to impaired bone healing.

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While they can fail, implants are intended to last for the rest of your life.

Current research show survival rates for implants to be well above 90%1, but depends heavily on proper maintenance. Without consistent home care, regular professional cleanings and dental checkups, an implant can fail. But at AdVance Dental, we’ll teach you the habits necessary to maximize the longevity of your dental implants.

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