Sometimes, a tooth cannot be saved and needs to come out.

This may be because of a cavity that is too deep, a break or crack in the tooth that is too big, or a bad gum infection.

In these cases, we will make every effort to make you as comfortable as possible. And for those rare extractions that we cannot perform, we will refer you to an oral surgeon to handle your issue with care.

It is common for someone to be in pain before they have a tooth removed, and the tooth is removed to relieve the pain. Experiencing some discomfort after a tooth extraction is common, and everyone is different in this regard. Smoking or a weakened immune system can increase the chance of there being problems after having a tooth removed. Sometimes antibiotics are prescribed before or after a tooth is removed depending on the situation. Your specific needs will be taken into account to minimize discomfort and maximize your speed of recovery.

At Advance Dental we currently offer two services to help with dental anxiety. One is nitrous oxide (a.k.a. “laughing gas”). This is administered through a nosepiece and, while it doesn’t put you to sleep, it can help ease anxiety in many cases. We also offer oral sedation, in which we give you a medication (pill or liquid) that can get you in a even deeper state of relaxation than laughing gas alone. Many surgical cases can be handled with laughing gas, oral sedation, or a combination of the two. To be fully “put out” for a surgical procedure, we can refer patients to an oral surgeon.

This depends on the situation, but we always discuss this before any tooth is taken out. If a replacement tooth/teeth is desired, we discuss what options exist for that specific situation before anything is planned.

Pricing Information*
Service UCR Fee In Office Benefits Plan fee (25% off)
Extraction $221 $165.75

* Fees shown here are for an extraction only and does not include exam, x-rays, or any sedation/anxiety control services. Firm treatment estimates can only be done after an in-office evaluation. Fees shown do not apply if you have dental insurance, in which case an exam must be done and benefits verified prior to estimates being given.

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