A partial replaces one or more teeth when you still have multiple healthy teeth remaining and implants or bridges are not an option to replace all missing teeth.

Custom made for each patient’s specific pattern of tooth loss, a partial can provide a cost effective way to restore chewing power and aesthetics to your smile.

There are several different types of partials. Some have a metal base that provides stability and durability, but some part of the metal is usually visible when the partial is in place. Some are metal free that are flexible and look more natural than a metal base partial, but they aren’t as stable as a metal base and often times chewing ability is limited. Also, flexible base partials are difficult/impossible to repair if it becomes damaged, whereas a metal base partial can be repaired in many cases as opposed to having to be replaced. Flexible, metal-free partials can sometimes be done on upper teeth, but on lower teeth a metal base partial is usually recommended. Every person’s pattern of tooth loss is different, so the type of partial to be made is discussed in detail before a treatment plan is finalized.

It is our goal at AdVance Dental to achieve total patient satisfaction with every service that we provide. However, every patient is different, and every mouth is different. The more teeth that are missing, generally the less stable a partial is. Some partials that are made to go in place the same day that a tooth/teeth are taken out (often called “flippers”) are weak and not designed to withstand chewing forces. Metal base and flexible partials are made with the intention of eating on them, however the amount of function that people get out of them is unpredictable. In some cases, denture adhesive is required to hold a partial in place enough to chew with it. Some teeth may need crowns before a partial is made to help hold the partial in place better. Implants are sometimes placed underneath a partial to help improve stability.

Pricing Information*
Service UCR Fee In Office Benefits Plan fee (25% off)
Upper Metal Base Partial $1332 $999
Lower Metal Base Partial $1341 $1005.75
Upper Flexible Base Partial $1182 $886.50
Lower Flexible Base Partial $1220 $915

* Fees shown here are for partials only and does not include exam, x-rays, crowns that may be required for partial stability, or any sedation/anxiety control services. Firm treatment estimates can only be done after an in-office evaluation. Fees shown do not apply if you have dental insurance, in which case an exam must be done and benefits verified prior to estimates being given.

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