Periodontal Therapy (Deep Cleaning)

Periodontal disease (the inflammation of the gums and bone around your teeth) is very common and, although it usually is not painful, can cause tooth loss.

The health of your gums and bone that support your teeth is just as important as keeping your teeth healthy themselves – just like the foundation of your house needs to be solid to support your home.

We screen all patients for periodontal disease and, if found, we offer first line treatment for periodontal disease– scaling and root planing. This is a deep, specialized cleaning of the root surfaces under the gums in an attempt to restore your gums to health. This is more time consuming than a regular cleaning and, while some insurances do not cover it, could be the difference between arresting periodontal disease and letting it smolder until your teeth’s foundation is gone. We are committed to keeping all patients informed about their periodontal health, and if you require advanced periodontal care, we can refer you to a periodontist to help us get your gum disease under control.

Periodontal (gum) disease, and the chronic inflammation that comes with it, can slowly melt away the bone that holds your teeth in place. That same chronic (long term) inflammation has many other effects on the rest of your body. As time goes on, more and more scientific evidence is coming to light about the link between gum disease and your systemic (total body) health. Interactions between gum disease and diabetes, cardiovascular disease, respiratory diseases, and osteoporosis have been described in scientific reviews1. Your mouth is the gateway to the body, and the healthier it is, the healthier you are.

  1. Kuo, LC et al. Associations between periodontal diseases and systemic diseases: a review of the inter-relationships and interactions with diabetes, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis, Journal of the Royal Institute of Public Health, 2008 Apr; 122 (4):417-33. Epub 2007 Oct 29.

During the procedure your gums are numbed so that you should only feel vibration/pressure during the process, not pain. Afterwards, some soreness of the gums can occur, but generally not enough that it requires any prescription pain medication. Warm salt water rinses and over the counter pain medication generally is sufficient. Sometimes an antibacterial mouth rinse is prescribed. One possible complication after deep cleaning is sensitivity to cold or hot. The goal of deep cleaning is to reduce inflammation under the gums, which can make the gums swollen. Getting rid of the inflammation can make the gums shrink, which in some cases can expose the roots of teeth to air and fluids in the mouth. If this happens, there are fluoride varnishes and sensitivity toothpastes that can help, and this is a small price to pay for a healthier mouth and body.

After deep cleaning is performed, a follow up appointment is performed 6-12 weeks later to evaluate the gum tissue. This appointment is designed not only to evaluate the effectiveness of the deep cleaning, but also of your oral hygiene. A key part of periodontal therapy is oral hygiene instructions. This may sound like common sense, but everyone’s mouth is different, and one person may have a different problem area then someone else. How the teeth and gums are cared for while someone is away from the office is just (if not more) important that what is done at AdVance Dental. If the gums have improved to an acceptable level, the patient is then generally placed on a 3 month recall (called “periodontal maintenance”) as opposed to the more common 6 month interval. This allows us to more closely monitor a patient’s oral hygiene, clean areas of inflammation before they get a substantial foothold, and reinforce oral hygiene instructions. If the gums have not improved to a satisfactory level, in some cases patients are referred to a periodontist (gum and bone specialist) to discuss options to correct areas of persistent inflammation surgically.

Pricing Information*
Service UCR Fee In Office Benefits Plan fee (25% off)
Deep Cleaning (1 quadrant) $207 $155.25

* Fees shown here are for one quadrant (¼ of the mouth) of deep cleaning only and does not include exam, x-rays, or any sedation/anxiety control services. Firm treatment estimates can only be done after an in-office evaluation. Fees shown do not apply if you have dental insurance, in which case an exam must be done and benefits verified prior to estimates being given.

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