Less invasive than a full crown (involving less of the tooth),

veneers can fix color, size, shape, and minor position deficits of your front teeth.

While they are not indicated for every situation, veneers can be very natural looking and are some of the most beautiful restorations in dentistry.

Veneers can be made out of white filling material (composite) or porcelain. Composite veneers can be placed in one visit, while porcelain veneers generally requires at least two visits. Porcelain veneers can be made to be much prettier and lifelike than composite veneers, and porcelain is less prone to discoloration than composite, but if they chip/break they usually have to be replaced (not repaired). Composite veneers usually cost a little less than porcelain, however the composite material can become discolored over time, though it is easier to repair than porcelain if it is chipped. Material options are discussed in detail before a treatment plan is finalized.

Veneers are more conservative than crowns, meaning that less of a tooth has to be trimmed down to make room for a veneer than a crown. This makes it less likely for someone to have sensitivity or nerve problems with a tooth with a veneer as opposed to a crown. But veneers are not always an option. If someone has a strong bite or is a grinder, veneers may not be a good option because they will have a high risk of chipping/breaking. Veneers are generally only done on front (and sometimes side) teeth, not back teeth. If too much of a tooth is already missing/compromised by a break, cavity, or existing filling, a crown may be the only option instead of a veneer. A thorough analysis of your options will be discussed before a treatment plan is finalized.

In some cases, yes. It depends on how big the gaps are and the current position of the teeth. There are certain ratios of height-to-width that we try to stay within in dentistry, and if we close a gap with a veneer that is too wide, we run the risk of making the teeth look odd (wide teeth may look worse than a gap!). In some cases, orthodontic movement of the teeth may be necessary to get the teeth in the right place before (or instead of) doing veneers. Teeth also must be free of disease (no cavities, healthy gums) before a veneer is placed. A thorough evaluation is always done prior to deciding if veneers are a good option.

Pricing Information*
Service UCR Fee In Office Benefits Plan fee (25% off)
Porcelain Veneer $986 $739.50
Composite Veneer $650 $487.50

* Fees shown here are for veneers only and does not include exam, x-rays, labwork that may be involved in treatment planning, or any sedation/anxiety control services. Firm treatment estimates can only be done after an in-office evaluation. Fees shown do not apply if you have dental insurance, in which case an exam must be done and benefits verified prior to estimates being given.

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