Advance Dental Benefits Plan

We have recently updated our in-office benefits policy, making it more affordable and much simpler, with a lower annual fee and an across the board 25% discount on all dental services. The AdVance Dental Benefits Plan is a wonderful option for people without dental insurance or who are unhappy with their current plan. See the details below and contact us  at (205) 290-7878 if you would like to know more! Also you can view the benefits page on the website.

Do you not have dental insurance? Or are you unhappy with your current dental insurance policy? There are plenty of good, predictable policies out there, and if you are happy with your policy you should certainly stick with it. However, a lot of policies have many fine-print stipulations that get in the way of getting the treatment you need. These can include waiting periods, missing tooth clauses (like a pre-existing condition clause for dental insurance), annual maximums, and many more. And if there is an issue, it can be very difficult to get a straight answer from the insurance company. The AdVance Dental Benefits Plan eliminates those issues. You only have to deal with us.

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Advance dental benefits plan