Dr. Vance: Cavity Destroyer

Dr Vance: Cavity Destroyer

Who is Dr. Vance: Cavity Destroyer?

Video games have always been a great source of joy and stress relief for me. I grew up in the golden age of 8-bit Nintendo games (the 1980s). When I started my practice I had the idea to make a video tribute to the old-school video games we grew up with such as Bionic Commando and Contra, except it’s me killing cavity bugs. There is just something about the music and visuals of the games of that era that can lodge in the mind of the viewer. My very talented friend Perry Sessions made an actually playable mini-game, and my equally talented brother Jamie Vance helped me write the music and put all the pieces together. The end result is an amazing little piece of art that one day may become a full playable game, starring me! Or rather, a very muscular version of me.

Probably not very may dentists that can say they have a video game starring themselves. But I can! Feast your eyes below for Dr. Vance: Cavity Destroyer!

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