How our crowns are made

How our crowns are made

How are our dental crowns (also called caps) made? In a previous post I talked about how they are made and the difference in the process in relation to fillings. In the attached video I have attempted to give more insight into the process of making crowns, showing how our crowns are made at Barnes Dental Lab in Homewood, AL. There’s a ton of skilled labor, equipment, materials, and attention to detail that goes in to making a dental crown. This video hopefully provides a window into that process.

This is by no means a comprehensive report on dental crowns. There are many different ways to make them. Impressions can be digital, others can be silicone. They can be made from metal, resin, or many different types of ceramic. Some materials for caps are heated and then pressed into a mold, some are milled out of a block or disc of material. This video focuses on how the bulk of the crowns at Birmingham, AL dentist office AdVance Dental are made. Currently most of Dr. Marc Vance’s crowns are milled out of zirconia in a lab setting from a silicone impression taken in the office.

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