Searching for “Dentist near me”?

Need a dentist nearby? Park in Building 1 parking deck. Take the crosswalk to level C. Then take the first elevators you see to level 6. Our suite #632 is located at the end of the hall.

Looking for a dentist nearby?

You want your dentist to be nearby and easy to get to. Many people google “dentist near me” when looking for a new dental home. AdVance Dental’s office location in Birmingham, Alabama is conveniently located on the St. Vincent’s Hospital downtown campus. We are located in Building 1 on the “back side” of campus on 10th Avenue South, the same street as the Emergency Room. Don’t worry – we are not deep within the hospital, we’re in a professional building on the outside border of the hospital campus. There’s a dedicated parking deck for our building with a covered, air conditioned crosswalk. The crosswalk will then take you directly to a set of elevators, which in turn will take you to our suite on the sixth floor.

It will be easy to find us. 

Many people have probably had a frustrating experience with getting into and out of a hospital. Hospitals are commonly added onto over the years, creating a maze-like layout with countless elevators and many twists and turns to get to your destination. I’ve been there many times myself. While I was applying to dental school, I worked as a cornea harvester for the Alabama Eye Bank. This job required me to travel to most of the hospitals in the middle of the state of Alabama in the middle of the night. Finding my destination often took multiple phone calls and a few wrong turns. I can assure you that if you follow our directions, you will find us with ease.

Once you get here we will handle the rest!

If you live and/or work in downtown Birmingham, you may find AdVance Dental to be a great option for your dental home. You can see the maps we have to our office by clicking on the link below.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video may be worth a million. Therefore, I made this detailed visual guide to make the first visit to us as easy as possible. See you soon!



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