Smile enhanced with crowns and a bridge

Smile enhanced with crowns and a bridge

Crowns aren’t just for kings! Below is an example of a smile we recently enhanced with a mixture of crowns and a bridge.

Teeth are covered with enamel, which is the hardest natural substance in our bodies. Despite this, the mouth is a tough environment. Pressure, food/drink, and time combined can cause teeth to wear, chip, and become discolored. This can cause sensitivity, pain, and sometimes tooth loss. Not feeling confident about your smile can be a quality of life issue. It can cause you to be self conscious about smiling in public/pictures, and if the damage is severe enough it can limit what kinds of foods you can eat.

Crowns aren't just for kings

In this case, one tooth had to be removed due to long standing issues with discomfort, and a dental bridge was chosen to help replace it. Other teeth were crowned to mask discoloration/chipped areas and make the upper front teeth all “flow” naturally when she smiles. If you think your smile may be enhanced with crowns or bridges, give us a call at (205) 250-6813!

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