Major Molar’s Dental Tips

Major Molar, who made a brief appearance in the Cavity Destroyer video, has some dental tips to share.

Major Molar's Dental Tips

Below is a Major Molar’s backstory:

Maximilian Molar was the product of Dr. Vance’s experiment with a reverse shrink ray and stem cells, and became the first (and so far only) sentient tooth to attend West Point Military Academy. He rose through military ranks quickly due to his brilliant strategy, ruthless efficiency, and being surprisingly very good with paperwork. He now oversees all of Dr. Vance’s missions and is in line to become surgeon general pending new legislature on whether or not teeth are considered US citizens. 

Of course this is all in fun, Major Molar is a character in our video game demo Dr. Vance: Cavity Destroyer, which we hope to one day turn into a full video game. Dr. Vance and his brother Jamie grew up playing video games (and still do today). They both find video games a wonderful source of joy and stress relief in moderation. It’s Dr. Vance’s personal opinion that video games can improve (or at least not hurt) eye-hand coordination, which is important in dentistry.

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